SA7000 Antena Banda larga 30kHz ~ 2000MHz


  • SA7000 Antena Banda larga 30kHz ~ 2000MHz
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The SA7000 is an ultra-wide range external receiving aerial with a useable frequency coverage of 30 kHz to 2 GHz - short wave / VHF / UHF. The aerial is designed for areas where space is a problem or when an "unobtrusive" installation is essential.

The SA7000 is a passive arrangement providing two whip elements: a long element for short wave up to 30 MHz and a second shorter loaded whip aerial for frequencies up to 2 GHz, the loading coils are tuned around 150 & 800 MHz to enhance performance of the VHF & UHF bands.

The aerial is very compact being just 1.80m in total height. A single coaxial lead feeds both whips in a weather proof enclosure which in turn bolts to a suitable supporting mast (not provided). Approximately 15m of terminated coaxial cable is supplied ready to plug in and go!

The SA7000 is easy to assemble and use, an instruction sheet is supplied with the aerial, "V" bolts and clamps are included but a small stub mast will be required for installation which should be as high as possible and in clear space. Run the coaxial cable to your listening location, the path should not be important but avoid power cables, TV downleads and computers.

Should you need to remove the BNC plug make sure you have a spare to re-fit, if you have difficulty in locating a plug then another is obtainable for a small charge. If you need to extend the cable, always use a good quality 50 OHM coaxial cable such as UR43 or UR76 (or quality RG58/U) and low loss connectors. If a long lead is required (20m plus), consider replacing the entire run with a heavier duty low loss cable such as UR67 or RG213.

  Em breve traducão em Português (BR).

Useable frequency range:

30kHz to 2GHz


50 OHM

Wind endurance:

50m per second

Acceptable support mast:

30 - 60mm diameter

Total length:


Coaxial cable:

15m of Quality RG58/U with BNC plug

Power source:

Passive (no power)

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