VIA Bravo MRI - 100KHz-to-70MHz (0.7T-to-3.0T)

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  • VIA Bravo MRI - 100KHz-to-70MHz (0.7T-to-3.0T)
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VIA Bravo MRI - 100KHz-to-70MHz (0.7T-to-3.0T)
Single BNC port (S11) model. Performs all the testing for an S11 port as listed in the Echo MRI S11 list above. The single port Bravo includes all the accessories listing with the VIA Bravo MRI II.




Frequency/Tesla  Range: Bravo MRI - 100KHz to 70MHz (0.1 to 1.5T) Brave MRI II - 100KHz to 70MHz (0.1 to 3.0T)
 Tuning Resolution: < 0.02% of Center Frequency
 Measurement Speed: ~ 1 Sweeps/Second

Freq. Display Width:

0 -12.8MHz/80 data pts/Large Readout Mode
0 – 16MHz/100 data pts/Small Readout Mode

 Impedance Range:

0 to 2000 Ohms

 Impedance Scales:

0 to 100 Ohms Minimum
0 to 2000 Ohms Maximum

Phase Angle Scales:

± 15 to ± 180 Degrees

 Harmonic & Spurious:

>30 dB below fundamental

 Output Power:

~ -15 dBm @ 50 Ohms

Power  Requirements:

13.8 to 18 VDC @ 400mA Min.

 Input Connectors:

BNC for Bravo MRI
N Type for all other models


64 x 128 pixels backlit LCD

 Non Volatile Memory:

Slots 1–16 Instrument presets
Slots 17–24 presets & data


8.5x4.3x2.25”  (215x110x57mm)


20 oz (640g) without batteries



• Provides rapid coil performance analysis
• Improves MRI reliability
• Improves MRI image quality
• Reduces service wait time
• Reduces MRI out of service time
• Operates in magnetic environment
• Can be operated in remote control from a PC or laptop
• Document coil performance and tuning
• Maintain servicing records for coils

• Bravo MRI II model has N type dual-ports (S11 & S21) for coil-to-coil loss/separation measurements










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